Languages Offered

WeLead Translations provides its translation services and language services into any of the major language pairs. What is more, WeLead Translations supports translations for various languages often omitted by other companies due to the levels of difficulty that they pose.

Examples of translation languages include:

Western European Translations

  • French translations
  • Italian translations
  • German translations
  • Spanish translations
  • English translations

Central European Translations

  • Polish translations
  • Latvian translations
  • Estonian translations
  • Lithuanian translations
  • Czech translations
  • Slovak translations
  • Hungarian translations
  • Slovenian translations
  • Greek translations

Asian Translations

  • Chinese translations (all varieties)
  • Korean translations
  • Vietnamese translations
  • Japanese translations

Eastern European Translations

  • Bulgarian translations
  • Turkish translations
  • Ukrainian translations
  • Belorussian translations
  • Russian translations
  • Romanian translations

Scandinavian Translations

  • Swedish translations
  • Danish translations
  • Norwegian translations
  • Finnish translations

incl. other European languages or dialects
requested by our clients

Arabic and Middle-Eastern Translations

  • Arabic translations
  • Afrikaans translations

incl. other Asian, Arabic or African langauges
requested by our clients

ACCURATE, FAST AND HIGH-QUALITY translations into all above languages

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French, Italian, German, Spanish + English

WeLead Translations has some of the industry’s most experienced translators working on projects specifically in the Western European languages. Additionally, WeLead Translations status as an EU approved translation vendor gives further support to the high quality of translation services that WeLead Translations offers. Experience, credibility and recognition allowed WeLead Translations to become one of the most trusted FIGS translation vendors around.

Polish, Russian, Czech, Latvian… Translations

WeLead Translations broadest experience came out of our focus on offering some of the highest quality translations in the inherently difficult Central and Eastern European languages (CEE Translations). Maintaining our focus on value and quality, we built on our experience with CEE languages and expanded to support Arabic translations, and what might be considered by some exotic languages as well.

CEE Translations Support

Currently, aside from offering all of the European translations; FIGS translations, Polish translations, Scandinavian translations etc., WeLead Translations has the capacity and resources; translators, project managers and the vendor management support, to handle any of the language pairs that you request.

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WeLead Translations has the means, the capacity and the knowhow to handle all of your translation needs.

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Language Services

WeLead Translations provides the following types of language services:

With an experienced, extensive and dedicated staff of project managers, QA specialists and translators, you can rest assured that your project will not only be accurate but it will also be completed on time, at a low cost and most importantly, it will be completed abiding by industry standards & norms, and WeLead Translations internal Quality Assurance process.


All WeLead Translations translators must pass rigorous testing procedures before they can join the WeLead Translations team. We only choose those who score well above average on our stringent exams. Generally we require two years practical experience as a translator unless we identify that a young translator is exceptionally talented.

When translators start working with WeLead Translations, they receive a Translator’s Guide and sign a declaration that they will follow WeLead Translations procedures and checklists. Each time a new project is sent to a translator, they also receive a checklist that must be completed before the translation is sent back to us (including a spell check, completion check, and grammar check). Our translators’ progress is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.

Proofreaders, Editors, QA

These linguists have to undergo the same tests as translators. The difference is that these linguists have at least 5 years of experience. Often our senior linguists bring real–world experience to the job, which is very important for the end–user. These employees are highly detail–oriented and meticulous. Our linguists are crucial to our QA process. It is their experience that makes the difference in the linguistic quality of our projects. Since every word translated at WeLead Translations goes through one of our in–house linguists, we rely on them to keep our clients happy with the quality of our translations.

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