1.How do you handle confidential documents?

WeLead Translations – Data Security and Safety Policy

WeLead is committed to leading the industry in ensuring the protection of our clients' data safety and confidentiality, as well as performing appropriate levels of contingency back-ups and risk management of data. We will continually improve our data protection performance and conduct our operations with stringent measures to ensure all employees adhere to carry this policy in their respective roles.

Our business involves translation and localization services. All of our work is transferred via email and ftp with password protection.

2. Can you handle rush jobs?

Yes. As a language service provider (LSP), we know the importance of expediting last minute projects with tight deadline. We have completed numerous short noticed, quick turnaround projects for our clients.We have a great reputation for impeccable quality, on-time delivery at a competitive price point.

We do accommodate projects for quick turnaround with little notice, although we do not encourage this as it could jeopardize the quality of translation due to the rush deadline. We will offer our honest assessment and potential risks before accepting any urgent job. This mostly stems from what is a typical and necessary part to our process,wihch is 'glossary development'.Often times it is preferable to have an ICR (in-country reviewer) to provide feedback to the key terms extracted at the onset of a project.The times the deadline often dependents on our client's available internal resources.

Generally, there is not an extra charge if the urgency is reasonable. The only exception is if the team is required to work on a weekend, during a holiday period, etc. In this way, extra charges would be discussed on a case by case basis and quoted out accordingly.

Small projects can be completed in a 24-48 hour turnaround time. If this is something regularly required; this can be customized within the workflow.

3. What are your quality procedures?

1) Quality Assurance (hereafter 'QA'): QA is the group of steps and processes employed by WeLead to ensure the highest quality standards and client satisfaction.

2) Query Management: Query Management is the set of processes and tools put in place to manage the flow of questions to and information from the client’s content owners to the translators and reviewers at WeLead. Depending on the client’s specific needs, this may be managed through an online tool such as TBMS (Translation Business Management System), via email, via a client SharePoint site, a proprietary query management tool, etc.

3) Editing: Editing is the process in which a native speaker of the target language reviews the translation with the goal of ensuring that it is an accurate representation of the source text. Linguistic errors may also be identified and corrected at this stage, but the main purpose is to ensure technical accuracy of the translation, not its linguistic quality.

4) Proofing: Proofing typically follows Editing. At this stage, the text is assumed to be an accurate reflection of the source, so the emphasis is on the objective linguistic quality of the translation. This stage must be carried out by a qualified linguist who is a native speaker of the target language, but not necessarily a translator from the source language, since accuracy has already been assured in the Editing phase.

5) Subject Matter Expert Review (hereafter 'SME Review'): For certain types of material, a Subject Matter Expert may be required to perform an additional QA step. Example: legal and medical translations, marketing copy, etc. This resource may or may not be a translator, depending on the requirement.

6) Linguistic Sign-off (hereafter 'LSO'): Final phase of the WeLead QA process, in which the entrusted final reviewer examines the content in its final context and format (e.g. website material in a browser, marketing content in final PDF format and so on). Depending on the type and format of content, this may take place before or after client review.

7) Client review: Client review is the phase of QA during which the client reviews and approves (or, as required, rejects and amends) the translated material. This may happen before or after LSO, depending on the type and format of content.

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