Quality Assurance

Terminology management is a step in the translation process that is rarely talked about. However, it is one of the most crucial steps in the process-one that requires precise and careful attention in order to ensure smooth project execution and the final quality of the translation. When we accept a project, we will invest the necessary time and resources to make sure the terminology is well defined before the actual translation steps begin. Specialized jargon in many industries and organizations requires a specific definition and an accurate term in the target language. Once defined, the consistent use of this predefined terminology must be ensured. Nothing is more confusing and frustrating for an end reader than encountering different words describing the same concept. Sloppy terminology management leads to a written document that can cast the wrong image of poor quality on a product or an entire organization.

For terminology management, we will:

Our goal is to provide defect-free documentation through the primary steps of terminology extraction, maintenance of client-specific terminology databases, and ongoing quality control steps for each phase of the process. Key elements of our quality assurance procedures are:

Project Analysis: Each project begins with an analysis of the client's business challenges. WeLead puts its globalization experience at the disposal of its clients, finding just the right mix of services to effectively address the client's needs in the most cost-effective way.

Management: The WeLead project management team's objective is to ensure that the client is completely satisfied with every aspect of our localization services until every loose end has been tied up. Building on a foundation of frank and precise communication, our clients know they can count on our managers to carry the weight of the project, allowing the client to focus on other important tasks, while trusting in the quality of the final product.

Talent Selection Process: All of the translation talent used by WeLead undergoes our comprehensive evaluation process before working on any client projects. The process entails a detailed review of the translator’s education and subject-matter experience, as well as linguistic testing, with an eye to general professional demeanor.

Repetitive Quality Audits: Each project undergoes several phases of quality assurance. First, we insist that all translators review their own work prior to sending it off for proofreading. After initial translation, a second fully qualified translator proofreads the work analyzing a standard list of potential issues provided by WeLead including: accuracy of meaning, completeness, style, mechanics (spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation), terminology and formatting. For large projects that require more than one proofreader, once the files have been thoroughly reviewed by the proofreading team, a QA linguist reviews the files a third time to ensure consistency among all proofreaders. As a final step, WeLead assigns project managers with strong language and layout design skills to review all work prior to delivery.

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