Translation Services
At WeLead, translation is about creating a connection with your global clients. That is why our approach is to build tailored linguistic teams and processes around each subject matter and content type.

WeLead recognizes that translating marketing content needs a team with different skills from the team which translates your technical content. We engage with subject matter experts (SME’s), who understand your domain because they have experience in your industry.

Likewise, our software translation specialists are just that; they are linguists with an appreciation of the particular challenges involved in user interface translations.

We focus on connecting your content with the right language professionals so that you can connect with your clients globally.
Interpretation Services
Consecutive Interpretation

WeLead offers consecutive interpretation services in over 170 languages. Commonly used in one-on-one or small group settings, our consecutive interpreters maintain strict standards of professionalism and possess exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills to help facilitate interactions between two (and sometimes more) languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Generally used for large conferences or meetings and/or environments where two or more languages are required, simultaneous interpretation is a much more complex and strenuous process than consecutive interpretation. Interpreters sit in an isolated booth, listen to the speaker through a headset, and speak the translation into a microphone, which is wirelessly transmitted to headsets worn by audience members. Sometimes referred to as U.N. style interpretation, this service requires trained interpreters and specialized equipment, all of which can be provided by WeLead.

Conference Services

WeLead’s Conference Services group provides everything you need to make your global meetings successful, including:
• On-site interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort) • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, both in person and via video conferencing • Assistive listening for hearing-impaired audience members • Document translation for meeting and conference materials • On-site coordinators and meeting planners • Registration website localization • Audio and video transcription • Interpretation equipment rental

Each meeting is assigned to a specialty event manager within WeLead who acts as an extension of your event planning team. Our top priority is ensuring that your meetings run smoothly and accomplish their objectives. For a conference services consultation, contact us.

Over-the-Phone Interpretation

WeLead provides over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services in over 170 languages, allowing you to overcome any language barrier in seconds. While many leading OPI companies use networks of overseas or at-home interpreters, the vast majority of calls that WeLead handles are routed to our US-based call centers in Tempe, Arizona. These facilities are fully secure and access-controlled, and no effort is spared to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and the most attractive and productive work environment.

Video Remote Interpretation

With an advanced web-access video solution, WeLead’s video remote interpretation (VRI) solutions enable voice, voice/video conference, and group collaboration sessions between client representatives, qualified language interpreters, and non-English-speaking customers/stakeholders. WeLead’s VRI solutions are completely device-independent, and connections can be made virtually anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, including desktop and laptop computers, tablet devices, and smart phones.

Call Center Solutions / YOUR Agent

With WeLead’s YOUR Agent program, organizations can fill interim or ongoing needs for both English-only and bilingual call center agents without hiring additional staff. YOUR Agent members can:

• Act as first-level phone support
• Assist with customer support, Q&A, order taking, promotional campaigns, and other activities
• Answer and / or initiate calls in any language of your choosing
• Work directly into your CRM or database applications
• Serve as failover resources in conjunction with your existing pool of agents

Desktop Publishing Services
Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialists are ready to create and optimize your online and print documents for publication. As part of our DTP services, we will work with you to create templates and layouts that capture your brand’s image and values while making sure they meet the needs of your clients wherever they are. Our Desktop Publishing experts will also work closely with you to improve the quality of your files, by providing customized DTP Best Practices, saving you money to invest elsewhere.
Localization Services
Our localization engineers are here to help you choose the right tools for your localization process to reach international audiences. Our localization services include capturing screenshots for documentation, extracting translatable content from files, adjusting the localized software by resizing dialogs and modifying layout as well as testing i18n features for language suitability. Reach your consumers in a language they understand.
Multimedia Translation Services
Take your multimedia content global with our multimedia localization and video dubbing services. Our team will support you during pre and post-production of your multimedia content. We specialize in Computer Aided design, digital media and technical support literature.
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